Solid Waste Management Department

Solid Waste Management Services are at the center of the environmental sustainability and is guided by the National Environmental Management Waste Act (NEM:WA). It is also guided by the Integrated Waste Management Plan which is currently under review.

The Department is currently working with 700 permanent staff members and 200 temporary staff.

Departmental Functions:

1. Street Sweeping

Encompasses litter picking, gutter clearing.

2. Refuse Removal

Entails domestic and business refuse removal and clearing of drop off points as per the refuse collection schedule.

Refuse bags distribution to households is also done.

3. Landfills and Transfer Stations

Waste is disposed at the Landfills where it is covered on daily basis. Garden transfer station is where all the garden refuse is dumped at no charge.

4. Waste Minimization Planning and Education

Embraces the concepts of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Recover. It is responsible for the development of By – Laws and development of a Waste Management Strategy. Communication, awareness and education is the responsibility of this unit. This unit ensures that the waste that goes to landfills is reduced and all the inhabitants of BCMM are aware about the waste.

5. Public Conveniences

The Department of Solid Waste is responsible for the public toilets at the ranks, only for managing and maintenance part of the public toilets.