Frequently Asked Questions

What do I pay the municipality for?

Services supplied by the municipality include:

  • Regular refuse removal.
  • Safe disposal of sewerage.
  • Provision of clean water and a reliable electricity supply (the consumer is billed directly for these every month).

Water and electricity charges are based on actual consumption. In the case of debit meters, consumption is determined by readings taken from the meters. In the case of pre-payment meters, the meter will be "charged" with units.

Charges for refuse removal depend on the usage of a property. Businesses, such as restaurants and supermarkets, are charged a higher fee than domestic consumers because of the nature and volume of the refuse to be collected.

Sewerage charges are determined by the number of sewer points (toilets and urinals) on a property.

Contact your nearest municipal enquiry office in person, by telephone or by fax. Click here for a list of municipal enquiry offices.

Or telephone the Call Centre on (043) 705-3150. If you speak to someone in person or over the telephone, make sure that you record that person's name if they are unable to resolve your enquiry immediately. This will be of assistance should you need to follow up your enquiry.

If the enquiry staff member is unable to solve your query immediately, they will record your enquiry on a prescribed "enquiry data sheet".

It will be recorded in a register and forwarded to the relevant section or department that will be able to assist.

The register is administered by a supervisor who will track the enquiry and ensure that it is resolved within the seven-day limit, as required by the chief financial officer.

Once the enquiry is resolved and returned to Customer Care, you will be contacted through the means of your choice (telephone, fax, mail or e-mail) and informed of the result.

Make sure you have noted the person's name who helped you.

Ask to speak to that person's supervisor. If you are still unhappy with the service, make your complaint to the branch supervisor. (Every Customer Care office has a notice with the name and contact details of the branch supervisor displayed in the payments hall.)

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