Formal Request for Quotation

Contract No Description Closing Date Download
Advert 48 Advert and Description 25 January 2019 Download
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/308 Provision of Auctioneering services for BCMM, East London 25 January 2019 N/A
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/309 Supply and Delivery of Poles to BCMM Stores, Chiselhurst, East London Inland 25 January 2019 Download
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/310 Supply and Delivery of Poles to BCMM Stores, Chiselhurst, East London 25 January 2019 Download
RFQ/BMS /2018-19/311 Greenfields Flats: upgrading of flat no 6 25 January 2019 Download
RFQ/DCS/2018-19/312 Renovations to Garage Building In Berlin Town Hall 25 January 2018 Download
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/313 Supply and Delivery of Stationery to Chiselhurst, BCMM 25 January 2018 N/A
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/207(RE-AD) Construction of boundary hall SCM warehouse 23 November 2018 Download
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/229 Appointment of A Service Provider to Provide Kiddies Entertainment for The BCMM Summer Season Festive Lights 2018 23 November 2018 Download
RFQ/LED/2018-19/230 Appointment of A Service Provider to Provide Private Security Services for The BCMM Summer Season Festive Lights to Be Held On The 30 November 2018 In King Williams Town & 02 December 2018 23 November 2018 Download
RFQ/DCS/2018-19/231 Removal of Alien Vegetation in Eastern District 23 November 2018 Download
RFQ/LED/2018-19/232 Supply and deliver Technical training to 20 community members on Plumbing (Ward 5 & 16) 23 November 2018 N/A
RFQ/DCS/2018-19/233 Manufacture and Delivery of 100 X 18mm Shutter Ply Table Tops 23 November 2018 N/A
RFQ/DCS/2018-19/234 Repairing of Derbigum to Prevent Leaks On Roof and Ceiling On 6th Floor CEC Building 23 November 2018 Download
RFQ/ESSS/2018-19/235 Supply and Delivery of 100 Tracksuits and 100 Golf Shirts for BCMM U/19 Team for SVT Games. 23 November 2018 Download
RFQ/ESS/2018-19/236 Supply and Delivery of Sport Equipment for BCMM Sport Services 23 November 2018 Download
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/237 Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing and Uniform – BCMM Stores Midland Region 23 November 2018 N/A
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/238 Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing and Uniform – BCMM Stores Coastal Region East London 23 November 2018 Download
Advert 43 Advert and Description 19 December 2018 Download
RFQ/HPS/2018-19/280 Supply, Delivery & Installation of Storage Containers for Traffic Services 19 December 2018 Download
RFQ/HPS/2018-19/281 Overhaul Bauer K 14 Upright Compressor 19 December 2018 N/A
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/282 Supply and Delivery of HTH Chlorine to BCMM Stores, Chiselhurst, East London 19 December 2018 Download
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/283 Supply and Delivery of Faltering Acid to BCMM Stores, Chiselhurst, East London 19 December 2018 Download
RFQ/DCS/2018-19/284 Refurbishment of Municipal Services Boardroom and Kitchen 19 December 2018 Download
RFQ/DCS/2018-19/285 Supply, Deliver & Installation of Furniture at Gonubie Resort 19 December 2018 Download
Advert 47 Advert and Description 22 January 2019 Download
Refurbishment of HOD-Painting And Repairs RFQ/DCS/2018-19/302 22 January 2019 Download
RFQ/FPM/2018-19/303 Provision of Security Services at Buffalo City Fresh Produce Market for A Period of 180 Days 22 January 2019 Download
RFQ/DFS/2018-19/304 Supply and delivery of 48 high back chairs, 15 high back cashier chairs and 13 visitors arm chairs 22 January 2019 Download
RFQ/DCOMS/2018-19/305 Upgrading of Grandstand Floors at Joan Harrison Swimming Pool: Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality 22 January 2019 Download
RFQ/SCM/2018-19/306 Provision of Security Services for A Period of 90 Days to BCMM, Chiselhurst East London 22 January 2019 Download
RFQ/DCOMS/18-19/307 Refurbishment of Kwt Library Carpets and Blinds 22 January 2019 Download
Advert 26 Advert and Description 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/DHR/2018-19/156 Peace Officer Training Programme 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/FPM/2018-19/157 Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing at Fresh Produce Market 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/LED/2018-19/158 Supply & Delivery of Prices for BCMM Agricultural Exhibition Show 2018 Horse Racing 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/DHPS/2018-19/159 The supply and delivery of event safety equipment- access control channels 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/BMS/2018-19/160 Old Fleet Street Traffic Department- Plumbing Works 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/DCS/2018-19/162 Provision of Service Provider to Supply and Service Portable Chemical Toilets for Beaches 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/ICT/2018-19/163 Remove, Supply and Fit Vinyl Suspended Ceiling at Munifin Buiding Basement 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/DCOMS/2018-19/164 Demolition of A Small Concrete Structure at The Nu2 Swimming Pool 16 October 2018 Download
RFQ/DCOMMS/2018-19/161 Installation of PVC Ceiling and Down Lights at Block One Ablution at Gonubie Resort 16 October 2018 Download

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