End Year Awards ceremony

Posted on 2021-12-09

It has been a rough year for everyone in South Africa entirely whereby Covid 19 has been a barrier in various aspects economically and in social spheres. Nevertheless, it was encouraging to see the BCMM Fresh Produce Market employees standing still fighting to keep the organisation alive and moving, in line with the principle of “Batho Pele”.

The management came up with the idea of encouraging employees to keep up their performance by introducing performance awards for each departmental section every month of the year 2021. This initiative was meant to bring about unity, cooperation, and cohesiveness among employees, encourage them to work hard in keeping the Market clean, productive, and conducive to the buying public.

The awarding ceremony was organised on the 8th December 2021 at Buffalo Park. The entire Market management together with the Union shop steward for the Economic Development and Agency (Mr Dubeni) was on the podium to talk about the matters that concerns and encourages employees in doing their work. Mr Thando Mpulu, the General Manager for the Market also took the stand to express gratitude to the staff for the good work done throughout the year as well as for the support he received from his colleagues in management.

The deserving employees were identified in the following categories:

  • Employee of the year which was voted by all employees from the previous employee of the month category
  • Group of the year – teamwork and performance were the main criteria
  • Special Group of the year- a team that supports every other team in the market
  •  General Manager’s special award-an employee identified by the General Manager for doing beyond the call of duty