Posted on 2023-03-30

On December 06,2022, we hosted a successful Fresh produce Flea Market Day where 25 small-scale farmers sold all their produce. The event was well recieved, and we recieved positive feedback from both farmers and customers.

We are now thrilled to be hosting another Fresh produce Flea Market Day and we would like to extend an invitation to all small-scale farmers who are interested in participating

This event provides an excellent opportunity for farmers to showcase their produce and connect with customers in the local community. We look forward to another successful event and hope to see many small-scale farmers participating.


  • All small-scale farmers are invited to sell their produce at the Market.
  • Only agricultural related products to be sold on the day.
  • No tarrifs will be charged (get to pocket 100% of their profits)
  • Each small-scale farmer will be given enough space to sell.
  • High level of security untill the end of business.


It is within our best interest to see local small-scale farmers growing further and see their businesses profitable. This will also have a positive value on our revenue as a city.