On Friday, 1 December 2023 the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality's Sport, Recreation and Community Development Department held a two-day Netball workshop at Steve Biko Centre in Qonce.

The purpose of the Workshop was to impart a great deal of knowledge to potential netball coaches and players from different wards within the metro in order to help them develop the sport and create a good pathway for young athletes in their areas.

The Workshop was facilitated by Eastern Cape Comets Assistant Coach Milisa Mnganu-Doma, who has level two coaching.

BCM Sport Development Manager, Manelisi Lwana said the Sport Dev. Office together with BCM Sport Confederation and BCM Netball will keep on working together in empowering and developing netball in the Metro. “We are here to impart knowledge for the development of sport for future generations. We are committed to empowering our people through workshops such as these,” said Lwana.

“We have facilitated a netball course for all 13 wards from King William’s Town. I applaud the working relation of the BCMM Sport Dev. Office, Sport Federation and BCMM Sport Confederation,” he added. 

Day two of the workshop was mainly focused on how to improve skills, conduct and behavior as netball coaches and players.

The wards that were represented in the workshop include ward 39, 34, 49, 43 and 41 to mention a few.