The Buffalo City Metro Executive Mayor Cllr. Xola Pakati launched a multi-purpose Kiwane Resort Conference Centre which will impact positively on the villages of Tsholomnqa on Monday 12 September 2020.

The Conference Centre and restaurant is a newly built facility within this 3-star graded Resort. This world-class facility with modern amenities is a value add to the resort as it can host meetings, workshops, weddings, parties and many other events.   
The construction of this facility costed R3.2 million and it can accommodate up to 120. It was started last year in September and it has now been fully completed. During the construction phase, a total of 25 temporary jobs were created and six jobs will be created for the operations of the conference venue. 

It terms of job creation, around 15 jobs will be created in the restaurant facility. 

“Bahlali Base-Tsholomqa, we are today launching this Conference Centre as part of our interventions for the rural economy and improving your livelihoods. When we launched the resort last year, I urged you to treat it as your treasure by protecting it. We got a report that there was a case of theft in the resort where quad bikes were stolen but we are happy with the fact that these were recovered, largely due to the assistance of the community”, said Mayor Pakati.
“I am confident that you will continue to work with the police in protecting this property against any acts of criminality. The reality is that this resort has the potential of unlocking a hive of other economic investments in Kiwane Beach and that will be determined by how we handle this one,” he said.
He further added that the City is very thankful for the support in the process of constructing the Conference Centre and is confident that the people of Tsholomqa will continue to jealously protect the entire resort, as this is a very important asset for the City’s overall post-COVID-19 economic recovery plan. 

The Conference Centre will be operated by the municipality whilst the fully licensed restaurant facility will be operated by a private company. 

The Conference venue is available for bookings immediately and the municipality will soon be advertising a tender for the operator of the restaurant. 

The venue can be hired exclusively during weekdays and weekends.