The Buffalo City Metro is reinforcing its staff personnel in its beaches in anticipation for the busy period ahead.

Due to influx of people to East London beaches, numbers increase significantly and they are posing the risk of non-compliance and drownings.

Our beaches remain closed, and our law enforcement authorities are being stretched and as such a reinforcement is needed.

The Buffalo City Metro has undertaken the following actions:

? Appointment of lifeguards- Total of 27 lifeguards appointed
? Appointment of beach marshals – Total of 48 beach marshals appointed (up until – 2/01/2021).

- This is not replacing current law enforcement activities like operations and the SAPS Joint Operations Center but a supplement 
- The new staff also serve as First contact with people gathering at beaches and pools.
- They will be Communicating BCMM COVID 19 protocols and decisions (closure).
- Will be working with the JOC and Law Enforcement in enforcing Regulation/By-Laws and call for backup when the need arises.

Issued by the BCM Communications