City and Provincial leaders resolving Bhisho issues
The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality has been taken aback by the current protest in Bhisho considering that there were agreements on how parties involved must deal with the service delivery issues moving forward

Upon receiving a petition a few weeks ago, a task team consisting of all parties involved was formed to deal with each and every service delivery issue raised. The City also held an IDP and Budget Roadshows meeting on the 15th of April 2018 to get more feedback from residents on each and every ward. Feedback was expected to be given to the community of the area on 06 May on progress made. The leadership of the City together with the Provincial government is currently meeting with the Bhisho leadership to find each other and deal with the issues at hand. The City condemns any acts of violence, intimidation and destruction of property in the name of a service delivery protest. We commend the South African Police Service for acting swiftly and decisively in bringing law and order in the area.