BCMDA changing lives of the needy

Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency (BCMDA) held a Community Developments Project launch to handover certificates to Non-Profit Organisations (NPO’s). 10 beneficiaries were awarded with certificates and funding in order to help with assisting their NPO’s. The launch took place at the East London Garden Court on Thursday 07 June 2018. Speaking about the purpose of the launch BCMDA Manager for Marketing and Communication Ruweida Naina said, “We are meeting here today to handover certificates to the deserving recipients. The primary mandate of BCMDA is to attract investors into Buffalo City and increase economic growth through tourism, economic and social development as well as property management and commercialisation.” She added that as part of the launch it is for them as an agency to engage with the various stakeholders and let them know they value their partnership on this journey in making the lives of the citizens of Buffalo City better. The NPO’s who received certificate are the following Nicro, East London High Transmission Area Project, Zanoncedo Empowerment Centre, Small Projects Foundation, Angels Orphanage Projects, Masibambisane Home based Care and Support Group, Dibashe Special Centre, Eluxolweni Community Wellness Centre and Christian Social Services/CMR. One of the beneficiaries Allen Weld from Small Projects Foundation expressed gratitude and said, “We are an NGO that has been existing in Buffalo City for the past 28 years, we believe that charity begins at home and today we are thankful to the Metro for entrusting us with this project.” Adding to that owner of Dibashe Special Centre said, “We must first thank God, when I first submitted my proposal to the agency I prayed so much that God that he answers my prayers, thank you BCMDA for making my dreams come true.” In closing off BCMDA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bulumko Lelana said, “This is a special day for BCMDA to give practical meaning to the lives of many, this City like the rest of the world can feed, clothe and take care of its children.” “We must create a culture of share values; the future of this City is bright however it should be bright for all citizens. It is time for new dreams, no child deserves to go to bed hungry under our watch,” he added.