The Buffalo City Metro (BCM) is expecting a busy and bumper long Easter weekend and has put in place plans to ensure that the safety of all visitors is safeguarded during this period.

The Metro is anticipating a sharp increase in the domestic travelling market with visitors expected mainly from Provincial surrounding regions as well as inter provincial travelers from mostly Gauteng, the Western Cape and Kwazulu-Natal.

With sunny weather conditions predicted throughout the weekend, the Metro is expecting good attendances at its Public Beaches, Coastal Villages, and associated Tidal Pools, Public swimming beaches, picnic areas and related public open spaces adjacent to beaches including the Orient Beach Complex, the Marina Glen (Ebuhlanti), Little Mauritius and Waterworld Complex.

For travelers, there are plenty of attractions as visitors can enjoy access to family fun activities like the Venom Pit Snake Park, the Pinecreek Farmstall and kiddies train, Nahoon River Boat cruises, the Avalon Kidd’s beach country market, Areena riverside resort Quad-Safaris and Grandview Centre adventures, Uncuthu township and urban adventure tours and the Kwelera National Botanical Garden plant sale.

Afro-soul singer Berita will be coming back to her second home performing at the Guild Theatre on Thursday.

Safety plans have been finalised for roads, beaches and events prior to the Easter Weekend.   

BCM is part of the safety and security cluster that is convened by the South African Police Service (SAPS) which is aimed at ensuring that there is order and stability in the region.

The security cluster is led by SAPS Major General Henry Vos and it involves all the law enforcement and emergency agencies in the Province including  Provincial Traffic and BCM Emergency Medical Services.

BCM Departments that are part of the safety and security cluster include Law Enforcement, Traffic, Fire department, Disaster Management, Health and Environmental Services, Communications, Water, Electricity, Waste Management, Fleet Management etc.

BCM has increased its lifeguards’ teams as from 1 April 2023 until 1 May 2023 to 30 lifeguards to safeguard against drownings incidents. The Metro has also hired additional marshals (15 per day) for crowd control. Additional portable ablutions facilities have also been secured.

BCM Emergency Medical Services will also be on standby in beaches with access to a standby chopper that can ferry severely critical patients.

BCM cleaning teams will be on duty during the Easter period to ensure that the Metro is kept clean.

Our Traffic Department together with our Law Enforcement Services will be embarking on intensive operations along the South African Police Services during the Easter Holidays manning roadblocks and enforcing Bylaws.

In terms of road closures, our 10 beaches will be fully operational, however they will be closely monitored with various plans for over-parking and crowding.

Areas that have been identified as risk by the security cluster’s Disaster Management are Large crowds, Excessive Alcohol Consumption, High volume of Traffic, Blocked roads, driveways, and parking areas, Open fires, Lost children, Load shedding.

These will be mitigated by high visibility and patrols on the roads, air, foot and horseback.

The safety and security cluster is committed to have a safe and incident free long Easter weekend in Buffalo City.


Safety Tips

v Before leaving any place, ensure that your vehicle is in roadworthy condition (this should be done regularly).

v Check your spare wheel.

v Have enough rest to avoid fatigue.

v Buckle up, not only yourself but your passengers as well.

v Keep to the speed limit – remember, speed kills.

v Keep a safe following distance.

v Don’t drink and drive.

v Be in possession of you drivers licence at all times when using the road.

v When passing a stationary bus/minibus be vigilant of any passengers.

v Keep your headlamps on in inclement weather.

Traffic services key Focal areas during this EASTER WEEKEND are :

• Targeting alcohol abuse, drug abuse, distracted driving and fatigue

• Targeting excessive speed, dangerous overtaking and all road violations.

• Targeting front and rear seatbelts, child restraints and air bags.

• Targeting passenger and freight transport overloading and documentation.

• Targeting visibility, drinking and walking, jay walking, distracted walking and crossing on freeways.

• Targeting road–worthiness of vehicles and documentation, specifically of number plates