BCMM e-Procurement Roadshows kicked off
BCMM held six Electronic-Procurement Roadshows around the city from the 24 to the 26 of February.

The purpose of these one-hour roadshows is to inform service providers regarding the innovative way of transacting with BCMM by means of the Electronic Procurement System (e-Procurement). 

The system will allow suppliers to receive Request for Quotation (RFQ) via their emails and respond online using the system.

Suppliers are required to register with the Central Supplier Database (CSD) database that will serve as the source of all supplier information for organs of state before registering to the Vendor Portal.

Vendor Portal is a web-based, vendor self-service solution that allows you to collaborate with your vendors in a secure, online environment.

Programme Manager: Acquisition Albert Whittles said: “Last time we rolled out the Vendor Portal we realised that we do not have enough suppliers because we have limited the suppliers to four commodities.”

He added that the first step the City has taken this time is to increase the number of commodities to 10 in order to avoid the shortage of suppliers, with that 10 the service provider is limited to one year in those commodities and cannot change before a year is over.

During one the roadshows Acting General Manager for Supply Chain Management Mercy Fraser said: “I urge you all suppliers to work with us in making sure that the system works by registering so that we can do service delivery to the people of Buffalo City smoothly and efficiently.”

BCMM is planning to go live on the Vendor Portal as from Friday, 3 March.