In an effort to lower the number of fatalities, serious injuries and property losses caused by home fires and natural disasters in the City, Buffalo City Disaster Centre carried out an awareness campaign programme on Tuesday, 20 February 2024 at Ward 40, eQonce Town Hall.

The Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 requires the Disaster Management Centre to run community awareness campaigns and equip locals with the knowledge necessary to prevent, lessen and mitigate disasters within its jurisdiction.

Giving her welcoming address at the campaign, BCMM Ward Councillor Kholiwe Faku said: “This awareness campaign is designed to increase public awareness to reduce risks and vulnerabilities of communities.”

“Which is why we are gathered here today with various stakeholders so that residents of Ward 40 can be informed of the measures to take should a disaster occur, said Faku.”

Amongst other goals of the workshop, the Metro seeks to clamp down on illegal dumping, hiring of unlicensed electricians, contact of downed electric wires and illegal water connections.

Buffalo City also encourages residents to work together as a team because a disaster is everybody’s business. Households are urged to ensure grass cutting in their yards to prevent the spreading of the fire.

Various stakeholders who were part of workshop to mitigate disasters in the City include BCMM Traffic, BCMM Fire Services, Buffalo City Consumer Cooperatives, South African Police Service (SAPS), BCMM Electricity Services, BCMM Water and Sanitation, Province of the Eastern Cape Human Settlements, BCMM Municipal Health Services and BCMM Roads and Infrastructure.