The multi-million rand project is a 7.6km stretch that seeks to upgrade the East London's economic hubs' existing road, which is the Settler'sway from the King Phalo Airport intersection to Fleet Street intersection in the CBD.

It is anticipated that the R430m valued project will be finished in two months’ time. On July 14, BCM Executive Mayor Councillor Princess Faku together with the City’s Infrastructure Department embarked on a site visit and walkout of the much-anticipated rehabilitation of Settlersway and Military Road project.

The Settlers Way R72 road is subject to excessive traffic and congestion during peak hours and this has resulted in many of traffic delays and longer travel times along this route. The route not only passes via the airport but it is also a linking national road for travellers towards Durban and Cape Town.

The scope of the project includes the upgrading of existing pavement structures while adding additional lane capacity to both Settlers Way and Military Road. Engaging with contractors on site, Faku said: “Everyone including myself is excited for the completion of the road, and so far I am happy with the progress so far. This project will assist and unlock economic potential for all businesses around it.”

The project is just in time as the Transnet announced its investment on the its rail line upgrades that includes a new manganese export plan that will link the port of East London.The project has brought employment opportunities for the locals of Ward 46 area including a percentage of the work being awarded to the metro’s SMMEs. On the Currie Street Project in Quigney, construction of the works is still on track and on programme.

“However we have had some challenges of rain which always affects progress but due to the contractor being ahead of progress, the rain did not have much delay as it only affected additional acceleration but catchup plan is already planned,” BCM spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya said.

Ngwenya said side streets are done in sections so that they will be used for future parking once the roadworks is complete.“It was vital that we also start with them so that as to create a friendly parking environment,” he said. “Future Parking will be via the side streets as there will be limited parking once the road is complete.“This was discussed with all the business when a stakeholder consultation was done hence vital for them to inform customers of the future side street parking. Upgrading of Infrastructure is part of the BCM mandate to make sure that area is attractive to business and customers,” said Ngwenya.

The whole project is expected to be completed by end of October 2023 but sectional completion will be opened to public once they are complete. Moreover Currie Street revamp project will be completed by end of October 2023.The municipality has invested in internal roads constructions with the project aimed at ensuring that every road in Mdantsane is tarred and work is progressing well with many zones now tarred.Roadworks are currently continuing in Mdantsane with various road closures in zones 1, 3, 9, 14 and 15.There is road closure in Toyana road in Mdantsane.

Due to the upgrade of Toyana Road motorists are notified of scheduled road closures. During road closures, motorists are encouraged to use alternative routes such Qumza Highway, Bombela Road and Mazaule Road, residents and businesses in this vicinity will be accommodated with the construction.