Buffalo City Metro Municipality Water Quality has improved and water is safe to drink

A message from the Executive Mayor to residents regarding Water!

Fellow Residents of Buffalo City Metro, Receive our Kind greetings!

We are speaking to you today to update you regarding the challenge of water quality and reliability that impacted certain areas of our City. 

We have been hard at work to restore water quality and reliability since our public announcement issued on the 27th of January 2022. We want to report that the water quality in the city has gradually improved to a point where we can confirm that the water is now to the requisite standard. The turbidity on the water has been able to come down to the required levels and the colour of the water is now normal. 

The water expert that we commission has provided the city with a report and plans are in place to improve the overall water reliability for all areas of the Metro. Water shedding will still be implemented from 22h00 at night until 04h00 each morning until the system has fully recovered. The water quality is fine, what we  have are issues with the quantity, hence the need for continued shedding. 

We can confirm that only a few high lying areas such as Nompumelelo and Ducats are still affected by water reliability but the water quality is fine even in these areas. We will continue to do water carting to the high lying areas.  

We want to once more apologise to all residents of our Metro for the situation that happened. The impact of the storm on our water infrastructure and its magnitude could never have been anticipated. 

Whilst the water is now safe to drink, we advise residents of the Metro to use it sparingly and with care as water is a scarce resource. We thank all the residents for their continued understanding. 

I Thank You!

Issued by the Executive Mayor of Buffalo City Metro

Cllr Xola Pakati