The Buffalo City Metro is stepping up it's clampdown efforts against illegal car washing at the East London beachfront.

The Metro regularly conducts operations to rid the beachfront of this illegal activity.

In most incidents, car washers are arrested for various crimes and have their equipment confiscated whilst motorists are fined.

However, lately the Metro has noted with concern that the R100 fine per vehicle as prescribed in its Bylaws is not detering motorists. Even signboards warning against car washing have been tampered with.

City spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya said the Metro will be approaching the courts for heavier fines that include car impounding and imprisonment options.

"The main challenge is the fact that our beachfront is being consciously and deliberately destroyed by motorists who are feeding this crime by bringing their cars for washing."

"This has serious implications for tourism and discourages people from enjoying the ambience of the natural beauty of our beachfront. It also encourages opportune crimes whilst the road network infrastructure is being eroded. We cannot allow this situation to continue," he added.

Ngwenya said the security cluster as led by the South African Police Service together with BCM Law Enforcement Services and Traffic will continue with its clampdown operations.

"We will continue working with all roleplayers including local businesses and community crime prevention forums to clampdown on this matter but it is time that we direct our clampdown to car owners."

"We urge motorists not to bring cars for illegal washing, public drinking and play loud music in the beachfront."



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