Buffalo City Metro resumes its multi-stakeholder joint operation and spaza compliance.

The operation commenced on Thursday 8 February at Ziphunzana in Ward 8 then proceeded to Zwelitsha, Ward 41 on Friday 9 February with gutter clearance, litter picking, grass cutting, bush clearing, vector control, weed control, clearance of illegal dumps and raiding of spaza shops. The program also includes Environmental Education Awareness School Programs which is coordinated by Solid Waste, Environmental Management, Integrated Environmental Management Plan (IEMP), Municipal Health Services (MHS), Waste minimization and Beaches.

The objective of the joint operations is to facilitate compliance and enforcement of legislative, by-laws and various policies across business as well as community settings in a consolidated manner by all responsible departments/stakeholders.

The raid operations are being conducted by the Metro's Municipal Health Services together with various BCM Departments, South African Police Services (SAPS), BCMM Law Enforcement, Eastern Cape Human Rights and missing person Unit, Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) - Consumer Protection.

The Metro identifies premises, that will conduct operations on and check for health and safety compliance, environmental and hygiene standards, license conditions, tax and emigration status.