On 03 April 2024, Buffalo City Executive Mayor Cllr. Princess Faku together with the Premier of the Easter Cape Oscar Mabuyane visited Transet at the Port of East London to welcome developments of the Desalination Plant.

Remarks by Buffalo City Metro Executive Mayor Councillor Princess Faku


"Today I am delighted to be part of this important occasion which paves the way for the development of the Water Desalination Plant. Honourable Premier, over the past year we have had quite robust and enriching engagementswith the leadership of Transnet where we sought to identify areas of collaboration in thedevelopment of our city. This announcement is testament that those engagements continue to yield positive results. Just recently Transnet embarked on the expansion of the Port of East London with a view to build capacity and reposition the port as a leading logistics Hub."


"Through this development we have recently witnessed the launch of the Manganese Exports programme. Honourable Premier this development aligns with the city’s programme of increased participation in the ocean’s economy and the utilisation of our natural resources in improving the living condition of Buffalo City Residents. Honourable Premier, the National Development Plan (NDP) envisages universal and reliable access to water of an acceptable quality and quantity in support of a strong, inclusive economy and a healthy environment by 2030, a commitment that is sustained thereafter."


"As a Water Services Provider we have the constitutional obligation to provide our residents with quality drinking water. As a city located in a water scarce province we have to continuously look for alternative water resources. While the development of the Desalination Plant will improve the efficiency of the Port operations, we also view it as an opportunity for the City to draw lessons on the use of science in the improvement of public health."


"As part of our international collaboration, the City of Oldenburg in Germany has committed to support BCM with solar, pilot biogas and water reuse project at our East Bank WastewaterTreatment Plant to a value of R28 million rands. It is three-year project that will commence this year. Honourable Premier in the State of the Province Address (SOPA) you said, I quote 'Our Ports are the biggest instrument for attracting investors in the province."


"We are reaping the rewards of the Capex investment allocated by Transnet over 7 years for infrastructure development projects in the Port of East London' Honourable Premier, We wish to take the opportunity to convey gratitude and appreciation for your leadership in driving and promoting investment in our city. Some projects collapse at a planning stage depriving our people with much needed opportunities. We wish to congratulate the Transnet Leadership for reaching the stage whereconstruction will commence. This is an achievement that should not be taken lightly."