Among other objectives of the campaign, the visit of the initiation school

seeks to reduce the number of fatalities and to crack down on illicit initiation activities. The main purpose of the operation is for the Metro to ensure that these young men are fed nutritious food especially those taking medication, lessen dehydration, diminish sexual harassment, and stop bullyism and fighting amongst initiates.

BCMM Public Participation Practitioner Kenneth Kodwa said: “We advise parents to check on their children on a regular basis and to get in touch with us if they have any questions about enrolling them in initiation schools.”

“Additionally, we also appreciate the KwaGaba Initiation School by opening their farms to these young men and by adhering to the Bylaws of the of the Metro,” said Kodwa.

The Metro also encourages other initiation schools around the City to prioritise the lives of initiates. This can be achieved by hiring experienced traditional nurses and ensuring that initiates present credible medical documentation before they attend initiation school.

Various stakeholders who were part of the visit include South African Police Service (SAPS), IKamva leSizwe Institute Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Population International Services (PSI), Department of Social Development, Community Safety and Department of Health.