WSU Tourism Students off to China
Five Walter Sisulu University (WSU) tourism students are off to China for the BCMM International Student Exchange Programme called the Homestay in Jinhua’s Historical Villages on Friday 9 August.

The group is set to stay in China for two weeks and the programme is aimed at transforming the current rural historical villages in Jinhua into international level centers for ecotourism and leisure holidays with distinctive local cultural elements, while preserving original elements of local culture and bringing international popularity to Jinhua City. Speaking about the programme, Manager for Development Cooperation and International Relations Darby Gounden said, “The aim is also to ensure that local villages continue to take pride and appreciate their culture, food and attractions so that they continue to maintain them and also ensure that it does not perish over time.” She added that, the programme is a great opportunity to support young people to realise the world is bigger than our City and that there are many opportunities out there for them. “Also, this will give the students an opportunity to explore ways to see how they can give back to society from what they have learnt in China.” The programme proved to be a highly motivational and stimulating learning experience for all participants who reported back to the department and we hope the five students we are sending will share the same sentiments.