On Tuesday 21 February 2023, the Buffalo City Metro together with Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture opened and handed over a Public Library which contains Mini Library for the Blind in Dimbaza.

The library is aimed at promoting the reading culture in the society.

Speaking during the event, Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture MEC Nonceba Kontsiwe said, "This is the first library in the community of approximately 22 000 people."

"The new library will also accommodate the blind following a request from the Eastern Cape Braille and Print Institute. Previously, visually impaired people wishing to use a library would be transported to eQonce once a week to access a public library," said Kontsiwe.

"Furthermore, the public library will provide support to schools around the community and encourage the community to be active book library users."

"The opening of the Mini Library is linked to the celebration of International Mother tongue as the day highlights the importance of linguistic, cultural diversity and multilingualism," she said.

"Language is the most effective way that humans communicate, and it serves as a powerful instrument in the preservation and development of culture and ethnicity."

Adding to that, BCM Deputy Executive Mayor Cllr Princess Faku said, "Today I encourage BCM residents to come and make use of this library.

"The new library will influence people's for the better, increase knowledge, produce quality education, unity, diversity and broaden an understanding of international issues."

The Metro urged the community to look after the building and safeguard it against acts of crime and vandalism.