Business Creatives Entrepreneurship Workshop
Buffalo City Metro in partnership with ONEOFEACH hosted a Business Creatives Entrepreneurship (BCE) workshop targeting creative businesses like fashion design, film making and other creative businesses.

ONEOFEACH is a Cape Town based company that specialises in luxury leather and African print bags. While facilitating the workshop, Tamburai Chirume who is one of the business owners of ONEOFEACH said, “The BCE is designed for creative entrepreneurs who want to turn their craft or designs into a profitable business reality.” Chirume further added that BCE workshops helped her as in entrepreneur and helped her business especially using Instagram as a tool to market and sell products all over the world. The workshop empowered entrepreneurs on how to market their businesses on platforms like social media. They were also offered an opportunity to network with other business owners from around the Metro as well as showcase their work. The event was held at the East London Central Library on Monday, 29 April 2019.