Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Fresh Produce Market is a department of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) and is placed under the directorate of Economic Development and Agencies. BCMM is situated on the east coast of Eastern Cape Province and includes the towns of East London, Bh

This municipal business unit provides facilities for the storage and distribution of the fresh produce. It receives and sells the products to the public on behalf of the farmers who are the suppliers.
• Why are we doing the webinar (benefits to farmers, type of info to be shared)?
The Fresh Produce Market takes keen interest in matters of AGRO value chain and because of our position in the value chain we are committed to the initiatives that supports innovation and transformation in the industry. Fresh Produce Market commits to bring small scale farmers, stakeholders and partners to ensure access to market that fresh produce is available for value-add products through innovative means and we also commit to avail space to accommodate such activity if the need arises.
• What is the Importance of being part of the webinar for the City?
The Webinar will to participle in a program of linking of small scale farmers with big wholesalers, a program will be designed to incubate new players in the industry
• Where and when is the webinar?
The webinar will take place virtually on 18 February 2021 at 14:00 - 15:30. It will be hosted on Microsoft Teams, so interested stakeholders are encouraged to register via or emails so that they can be sent an invitation link.