Last week,the Buffalo City Metro Tourism and Agencies Unit handed over tools of trade to small business and artist operating in Buffalo City.

The handover took place at the Orient Beach Offices. Speaking at the handover Portfolio Head for LED, Tourism and Agencies Cllr Sixolisiwe Ntsasela said: "This gives me great pleasure that we as the City are able to assist small business and artists to give them

the push they need to keep them going." She said with the little that they have on thier budget she as happy that the tem could strech it and supply a

handful of businesses. Ntsasela added that she is happy that more women especially the youth are taking the initiative to start ther

businesses. "Keep going and push. Don't get discouraged when this are not going well . The business will steadly

grow. ," added Ntsasela. She also said that government needs small business for job opportunities.

"Government only cannot create jobs. We need businesses like yours to flourish. This why we are happy to supply businesses with tools of trade," said Ntsasela.

People with small business even those who need assistance in opening their own are encouraged to visit the centres. The LED & Tourism Unit has offices in all regions of the Metro in Qonce, Dimbaza, Mdantsane as well as East London.