Tourism Month Activities
As part of Tourism Month celebrations, the City will host a number of events to celebrate the month of exploring and cultivate, culture while creating awareness in various societies globally on the importance of tourism and it's social, political, financial and also cultural worth and value.

According to a municipal report, tourism month is celebrated in September around the world and is also a unique opportunity to raise awareness on tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable development. Tourism Month is an annual celebration held in September focusing on the importance of tourism to the economy of South Africa. The National Department of Tourism leads the celebrations with a number of events taking place all over the country. “The upcoming tourism activities in the City are aimed at harnessing innovation and digital advances, provide tourism with opportunities to improve inclusiveness, local community empowerment and participation, efficient resource management, amongst other objectives within the wider sustainable tourism development agenda,” General Manager for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage Phindi Mbonwa. “These activities will also enhance the benefits and advantages that they bring to the Metro,” Mbonwa added. The city has a list of events which will take place during this month: 06 September 2019 - Comedy & Music Night at Steve Biko Centre in Ginsburg at 18h00 13 September 2019- BCMM Heritage Day Celebration at Fort Murray Great Place in Fort Murray at 10h00 18 September 2019 - Cleaning of Heritage Site- Venue To be confirmed at 09h00 21 September 2019 - Educational Tour /Excursions - Pick Up Point at East London City Hall(bookings to be done for the tour with Itinerary will be sent soon. 09h00 26 September 2019 - Comedy & Music Night at Drifters Raceway Theme Park (Opposite Cambridge Hall) at 18h00 27 September 2019 - Drama & Theatre Night at Guild Theatre in Selborne at 18h00