BCMM attends to Nahoon River pollution
On Wednesday 14 August 2019, BCMM officials from different departments went to the Nahoon River Picnic Park to observe some of the polluted areas of the Nahoon River.

This was a response to call a from the residents of Nahoon who have made several reports to the City about the matter. Christo Theart and his team took BCMM officials to the polluted areas as residents of the area have identified. “We’ve made several reports of sewage and littering polluting the river and we have decided to bring the BCMM departments to come and see for themselves as well as come up with solutions,” said Theart. The residents highlighted the following as possible solutions to stop the littering: 20 new rubbish bins needed (dedicated bin per braai area) and swing bins by the fishing hotspots. Jane Galo from Integrated Environmental Management and Sustainable Development said, “Now that we have seen what the problems are, we need to carry on with the implementation plan and have each department playing their part in the implementation process.” Officials who were present during the visit were from the department of Solid Waste Management, Integrated Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Municipal Health Services, Parks, Water and Sanitation and the Department of Scientific Services.