Mayoral Library Legacy Project

The Mayoral Library Legacy was launched in November 2016, with the aim to cultivate the culture of reading. Acting Manager for Libraries and Halls Tracy Koekemoer said: “One of the key strategic points of the, key strategic points of the Mayoral Library Legacy Project to all in Buffalo City, especially the culture of reading for pleasure.” The City's Special Project Unit attended a presentation given by LEGO Foundation and Takalani Sesame, this gave the City an opportunity to change its libraries to friendly spaces and Early Childhood Development (ECD) with a special focus being the importance of play and the love of reading. Portfolio Head for Community Service Councillor Nontsikelelo Peter said: “Today, we have a learnt that libraries can bring communities together young and old in sharing information.” At the end of the event Peter handed over certificates to staff members of the libraries around BCMM for embracing the changes that came with the Mayoral Library Legacy Project.