Buffalo City's innovative approach to community development has led to the launch of Scenery Park's outdoor gymnasium on, 17 May 2024, demonstrating its commitment to delivering essential services and promoting healthy lifestyles through innovative infrastructure development.

The purpose of the programme is to promote wellness, social cohesion and that every ward should have facilities for basic exercise and sporting activities. 

Speaking at the launch, BCMM Executive Mayor Councillor Princess Faku said: “Today, our hearts are still reeling after the tragedy that claimed young lives. This area made international headlines on that fateful morning of June 26, 2022.”

“The development of this Outdoor Gymnasium came about through a sponsorship of the Ministerial Outreach Programme from National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.”

She added that, Scenery Park was then identified as a response to the Enyobeni tragedy which was a result among other factors the inadequate recreational facilities.

Faku further said that the Metro accepted the sponsorship with all the terms and conditions of the programme as the outdoor gym concept has significantly improved lives of people in South African communities.

The Executive Mayor asserted that the sponsorship is composed of 10 different pieces of outdoor gym equipment and 3 pieces of kiddies playground equipment. “To appreciate this gesture from the national government, Buffalo City made a contribution by installing a clear view fencing around the site.” 
“We need to beautify this park by planting, installation of benches and refuse bins,” said Faku.

Princess also highlighted that the Intergovernmental initiatives such as these are what is always needed to help fight the social ills that are fast encroaching into the lives of our young people.

In concluding, Mayor said: “We are changing BCMM to become a world class City with the amenities that benefit our people.” She further underlined that these outdoor gyms that are being rolled out to different areas, are for our commuties, mostly the young. “The importance of sport and recreation is to promote wellness and social cohesion,” said Executive Mayor.