Earlier this week, the Buffalo City Metro took to the streets and publicly declared war on potholes with the launch of Operation Valazonke.

BCM Executive Mayor Councillor Princess Faku lead a fully-fledged team that showcased the infrastructure team’s capabilities by filling potholes in Mdantsane’s Billie road and Qumza highway. Mayor Councillor Princess Faku said the operation was informed by the need to accelerate service delivery. “We are showing our commitment to our residents by putting together resources both human and capital to the cause of fixing our roads.”

“The road infrastructure network is very important for not only our residents but also for businesses and future investment promotions,” she added.

“It also ties up with our intensifying plans of cleaning the City and making sure that the environment in which we live in is healthy,” she added.

The National Department of Transport and the South African National Agency (Sanral) last year launched a war room to deal with potholes and other challenges that plague national and municipal roads. Operation Valazonke was launched last August to deal with potholes decisively and effectively. Valazonke, which means close them all, is a labour-intensive programme to fix potholes throughout South Africa.