Executive Mayor Xola Pakati unlocks City’s economy

BCM Executive Mayor Xola Pakati today Wednesday 16 October 2019 embarked on a mini tour to two of the City’s major projects that are earmarked to unlock City’s economy. The first visit was to the construction site of the multi-million-rand project site, which is the sleeper site situated in Quigney, he was taken through the work currently taking place. Speaking at this site he said, “We are here to visit one of our flagship projects which is also called he Sleeper Site Project. The purpose of this project is to alleviate traffic congestion in the Central Business District (CBD). This project has been in the pipeline for many years and we are excited that finally work is being done.” Phase 1 of the R51m project is scheduled to take up to 12 months.

After that the Mayor together with the City’s delegation visited the Qumza Highway Project in Mdantsane where he was also taken through the progress made. Addressing the crowd about the project Pakati said, “We are here to inspect the progress made on this project, we took a decision long ago based on the congestion that was taking place here, in particular from Sasol Garage that we need to upgrade this road. We had some teething problems in the beginning where we had to change the a contractor in between, now we are very happy that this township will get the respect it deserves.”

Adding more to that Program Manager Ayanda Skwebu said that the project initially began in September last year. “This project we call it the ‘female project’ as it has seen the majority of the engineers on site mostly being females, he highlighted that they have had a great working relationship. More than 5 SMME’s have been selected to be part of this project from ward 17,20,21, 30 and 48. Over 50 residents from these various wards have been employed.”

The total length of the road is 2,83 km, it starts at the Emazidlekhaya intersection and ends at the entrance of the mall. The total cost of the project being R268 million.

Pakati took a short walk down the upgraded road with excitement in Mdantsane.