The City is still hard at work with the continuation of Spaza Comply raid operations.

7 spaza shops were raided on, 11 April 2024.

The raid resulted in a closure of 6 spaza shops in the Amalinda Forest area due to non-compliance with environmental health regulations.


The Metro's Municipal Health Services Department conducted a joint raid operation together with our Law Enforcement Services, Economic Development and Agencies (Business Licensing), South African Police Services (SAPS), Fire Services, Solid Waste and Disaster Management.


Speaking about the raid, BCM Coastal Manager for Municipal Health Services Khanya Bisholo said: “The key objective of the raid is that we want to ensure that these spaza shops are selling food that is compliant, good quality and to protect the environment.”


During the operation goods that were detained include, 10 litres of unpasteurised amasi, 21 sachets of beny spices, 20 unlabelled packet of chips, 1 decanted sugar, 30 unlabelled packets of pop corn, 2 dented Lucky Star pilchard, 240 unlabelled juices and about 27 illegal pesticides. Additionally, the City also seized expired products, including 14 Sasko flour, 12 choc mint, 8 Tennis biscuits, 14 Stoney cold drink, 2 White Star super maize meal, 2 Nivea, 5 Crickley amasi and 4 tonic water.


Buffalo City Metro has vowed to continue with these operations and is issuing a warning to spaza shops to comply.