The seminar saw women from all over the City from different kinds of business sectors under one roof sharing knowledge and networking.

Giving words of wisdom, Portfolio Head for Economic Development and Agencies Sixolisiwe Ntsasela said, “We all know that as women we used to belong only in certain places such as the kitchen and to make babies, but today we are holding very critical positions because of what others have done for us.”

She also said that women must be grateful for the democracy and freedom that exists today. “As women we must be proud of ourselves, we can now make money, we are now able to take crucial decisions as women and sit in boardrooms”.

In closing she emphasised that women should lift one another when they are climbing up and make room for others rather than bringing each other down. Adding more to that Head of Department Noludwe Ncokazi said, “This month we wanted to focus on women in property business we wanted to target those key growth individuals and share with us information about their industry”.

The seminar had stakeholders such as Harcourt, Smith Tabata Attorneys, bond originators, Re-Max, ABSA and so forth. The session took place at Alexandar County Club