On Tuesday 27 June, Buffalo City Metro is officially launching a Community Safety Forum.

The purpose of the forum is to coordinate different government initiatives and involve the community in municipal wide safety plans & programmes.

The launch forms part of the first 100 days in office programme of BCM Executive Mayor Cllr Princess Faku.

Extract from the Buffalo City Metro Executive Mayor Councillor Princess Faku on the occasion of the launch of the community safety forum.

“The level of crime in BCMM and all over the country is of grave concern. It largely relates to the wilful destruction, theft and vandalism of our infrastructure and assets used to provide or distribute basic services to the public. This invariably poses a risk to public safety, electricity supplies, provision of water, communications and transportation and has a negative effect on the Metro's economy, society and. infrastructure.”

“It is against this background that BCMM in its quest to promote increased cooperation and interaction in a multi-sectoral governmental approach as well as to deliver programmes with a national and provincial agenda on a level to enhance the delivery of crime prevention projects, has established the BCMM Community Safety Forum.”

“Local government has a key role to play in ensuring an environment less conducive to crime and is strategically placed to coordinate community safety as a holistic approach to local peace building. This requires the cooperation of various stakeholders and is a collective responsibility.”

“BCMM is committed to building safer communities and the BCMM Community Safety Forum cascaded to wards to ensure that community safety is institutionalized in the Metro.”




The forum launch is currently took place at Abbortsford Christian Centre, East London.