The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality's Proportional Representative (PR) Councillors and BCMM Officials conducted the first round of interviews for shortlisted Mayoral Bursary candidates at the boardroom in Trust Center, East London.

The Bursary Fund is an annual own funded programme that seeks to demonstrate the Metro’s commitment to investing in the City’s youth through financial assistance to deserving youth studying in predetermined scarce skills fields of Engineering, Finance, Planning and Scientific Services. The identification of pertinent scarce skills is guided by Directorate Corporate Services and approved by council.

Most of the graduated BCMM Mayoral Bursary Fund recipients are employed within BCMM region and throughout the Country in different sectors.

The bursary fund is intended to assist current or prospective students and shall be used towards covering tuition and registration fees, prescribed

books, study material, meals and accommodation for the 2024 academic year.

The allocated budget for 2023/2024 financial year is R4.9 million. A total number of 48 applicants attended interviews today for Finance and Planning.

In addition to the Bursary Fund, the fund also provides beneficiaries with an opportunity to participate in experiential learning placements and or internships within the Metro without creating an expectation that said beneficiaries would be absorbed as employees within the Metro.

The Bursary Fund was advertised in September 2023 with closing date being 31st October 2023. Out of 304 applicants 97 were shortlisted.

The second round of interviews will be conducted on Wednesday, 31st January 2024 for Scientific Services and Engineering candidates.