Buffalo City Metro (BCM) held a demonstration at Nahoon Beach on Tuesday, 12 December 2023 to declare readiness for the expected high influx of beach goers.

BCM beaches will welcome a substantial amount of visitors to our shores over two million visitors, and the City’s safety and security plans are already kicking in.

The City is part of the SAPS Joint Operations Centre (JOC) led by the South African Police Service which includes Disaster Management, Law Enforcement, Traffic, Fire, Police Lifesaving,

Ambulance services and NSRI. Safety and security officers will be deployed on foot, horses, cars with helicopter patrols as well as CCTV cameras looking over strategic points including the CBD area.

A total of 43 lifeguards will be operational during the 2023 Summer Season with 25 being seasonal and 18 full time. 10 beaches will be guarded by lifeguards being Gonubie Main Beach, Bonza Bay Main Beach and Picnic site; Bonza Bay to Nahoon River Mouth; Nahoon Main Beach through Nahoon Corner to Nahoon Reef; Eastern Beach, Esplanade through to Orient Beach Complex; Leaches Bay to Hickman’s River Mouth and Beach; Kidd’s Beach Main Beach; Igoda Beach; Kiwane Beach and Kaiser’s Main Beach.

The City is experiencing challenges in terms of negligence as there are children who are sometimes left unattended whilst parents who focus on partying and children go to congested areas and get lost. That is why the City will be working jointly with SAPS and our Law Enforcement Officers.

"As the Buffalo City Metro welcomes the influx of people coming in the city for the festive season, we want to make sure that they understand the importance of keeping road rules. We also urge parents to not give children their cars as law enforcement will not take that lightly," said Faku.

"We kindly request that beachgoers to never swim alone, never leave children unattended, never swim in dangerous areas where there are rocks, never swim in areas where lifeguards are not visible and never swim while intoxicated," she concluded.