The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality announced its plans for a bumper Easter holiday filled with events and visitors, with its safety and security organs also declaring readiness.

On 25 March 2024, BCMM Executive Mayor Councillor Princess Faku together with members of the Mayoral Committee officially launched the safer easter weekend together with the Department of Public Safety and Protection Services and the South African Police Service.

The Metro is expecting an influx of domestic tourists to its shores which will impact on various industries including tourism, hospitality, recreational facilities, beaches, events and road usage. The launch was in the form of a roadblock launch at the N2 near Fort Jackson.


She called on traveller's to be responsible and obey the rules of the road.


The launch included the reading of vehicles of residents, scanning of number plates for any ticket/warrants or theft and general inspections on roadworthiness using our Automated Number-plate Recognition (ANPR) bus which has assisted in the collection of outstanding fines; execution of outstanding warrants of arrests and the finalisation of traffic ticket cases.


The operations consolidated report reveales as follows:

Fines/summonses issued to the value of: R30800 (Eg: Unlicensed vehicles and no drivers licenses, defects etc.)

Fines paid to the value of: R15300

ANPR hits: 331 (offenders given reminders to pay their outstanding fines)

Warrants of Arrests: 2 to value of R1800

Warrants of Arrests: 2 to value of R1800