In an effort to maintain order, peace and tranquilly around the City, Buffalo City Metro together with Department of Social Development hosted a prayer session ahead of the next elections and introduced the recently elected Buffalo City Metro Elderly Forum.

The programme was held at Ward 4, eGcobani Cambridge in East London.

Peaceful elections foster a sense of unity and harmony among citizens. When elections are conducted peacefully, it helps bring people together, regardless of their political differences and promote a sense of national cohesion.

Highlighting the purpose of the day, Former Education Development Officer for Department of Education Zenzile Nquka said: “We are gathered here today to pray for peaceful elections and most importantly to combat violence, unrest and conflict breaking out.”

“By praying for peaceful elections, people are essentially advocating for the democratic process to take place without any disruptions or interference,” said Zenzile.

Bishop Odwa Tyeni prayed for all local forums including Zwelitsha, Dimbaza, East London, King William’s Town and Mdantsane and culminated the prayer session by illuminating candles to signify serenity, light and peaceful upcoming elections.