The Buy Back Centres are set up by the Metro in order to help in keeping the City clean by giving people who recycle an incentive and to realise that there is value in waste management. The waste collected at the centres will be disposed off in landfill sites and taken back to product manufacturing systems through recycling processes. These centres are for the buying, sorting and reselling of recyclable waste including plastic, paper, cans, glass. Currently, there are two (2) operating centres in Southernwood and EL CBD.

PEP is public employment programme that has 2 components - 1. Integrated Cleaning, Greening and Beautification 2. Call2Action.The Call2Action project involves the establishment of Buy Back Centres in the 3 regions as well as cleaning in the precinct of those facilities whilst the integrated cleaning greening and beautification involves area cleaning of street sweeping, gutter clearance, refuse removal, grass cutting,  bush clearance and clearing of illegal dumps.

The event was part of the National Clean-Up and Recycling Week which kicked off from 12 to 17 September with clean up and recycling activities in areas including KWT, Mdantsane, Cambridge and Duncan Village and various stakeholders and community members participating in keeping their areas clean and tidy. Speaking at the launch Pakati said:  "This Buy Back Centre will be servicing the people of Duncan Village and we know that there is a cry by the people of the area that it is not kept clean. We also urge the communities and people of this are to use this centre and also keep their areas clean and hygienic.”

"During this campaign we are also addressing issues of recycling initiatives so that they can take advantage of such opportunities.” he said. The initiative is supported by BCMDA, BKCOB and local communities.