In its quest to safeguard communities against disasters like fire, Buffalo City Metro officially added to its fleet with a new state of the art fire tanker on Monday, 20 May.

As part of the Metro’s rapid response, fire trucks are designed for quick deployment to emergency scenes, with specialised equipment for firefighting, rescue operations and hazard mitigation.

In her keynote address, Executive Mayor Councillor Princess Faku said: “Buffalo City, as a developmental local government, has a responsibility of safeguarding the

welfare of its citizens and ensuring that the basic needs of our communities are met.”

She further said that the Metro has a constitutional mandate to provide fire and rescue services. “BCMM has 7 fire stations and process to construct an additional fire station in Berlin Ntabozuko is underway to ensure that as we develop the Ntabozuko Corridor we support it with necessary infrastructure services,” said Faku.

“The City has over 150 informal settlements, the threat of fire incidents looms large necessitating constant vigilance and preparedness.”

“While we are grateful that we have not experienced any recent major fire tragedies resulting in loss of life, we remain acutely aware of the need to proactively address fire safety concerns and mitigate potential risks,” she said.

Faku asserted that the City invested over R 6 million in acquiring a state-of-the-art 9000-water tanker Fire Engine. “This significant addition to our fleet of 29 Fire Engines is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of our fire services,” added Faku.

The Executive Mayor also highlighted that the fire engine is equipped with specialised pumps capable of delivering 3000 litres per minute and high-pressure hose reels. “This water tanker will greatly enhance the City’s ability to respond swiftly and decisively to fire incidents, particularly in areas where water scarcity poses a challenge,” said Mayor.

Coinciding with the unveiling of the new fire engine, the Metro also honoured Buffalo City officials with certificates of recognition, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to the Fire and Rescue Services Department and thanking them for their outstanding contributions to the team's success.

The unveiling of the fire engine was held at Fleet Street Fire Station in Quigney, East London.