The Metro is set to kick start the construction of a 3.4-kilometre sewerage tunnel in February which is set to open the way for the upcoming housing projects in the City. The project is worth R1.088 billion and is a multi-year project which will be done in phases.

The aim of constructing the tunnel is for the diversion of sewage flows from Central Wastewater Treatment Works to Reeston Wastewater Treatment Works, to allow for decommissioning of Central Wastewater Treatment Works located in Amalinda due to its non-compliance and proximity to residential areas. 

The construction of a sewer tunnel will also be traversing underneath Scenery Park to the newly refurbished Reeston Wastewater Treatment Works.

The work will consist of a 3.4kilometre sewerage tunnel, 3metres in diameter and buried 30metres deep — running from the central wastewater treatment works in Amalinda to the Reeston wastewater treatment works.

The diversion of the sewage flow to Reeston was part of a strategic decision to regionalise sewage treatment and provide opportunity for consideration of effluent reuse and consolidated sludge management.

The construction will use a tunnel-boring machine, as such this will be a specialised construction site.

Construction will take at least 30 months to complete.
The work has been on hold since 2005, because of insufficient capacity but will continue now and will allow the development of new housing units in areas including Amalinda and Wilsonia to run smoothly. 

The project is also set to create job opportunities for the unemployed people of the Metro. However, employment opportunities will be created through the provision of bulk services by SMMEs in the nearby informal settlement recently approved for township development.

Portfolio Head for Infrastructure Services Malibongwe Mfazwe said, “The project is one of the biggest in the city in the post-apartheid era. This tunnel will also unluck other developmental projects in the city.”

He added that as the newly elected Council “we will monitor the progress to ensure it is delivering according to the time frames and specifications.”