Disaster Management hosts 3-day workshop
Disaster Management is everyone’s responsibility,” this is the message that was preached during a three-day disaster management workshop for Buffalo City Metro Ward Committee members.

The workshop started on Wednesday, 11 March and ended on Friday 13 March 2020 at various spots namely: Clements Kadalie Community Hall, War Memorial and at the NU 7 Community Hall.
The purpose of the training was to create a robust community by creating awareness, for the ward committee members ,who are usually the first people on site to help, to be able to act appropriately during a disaster incident such as taking people away from the hazard.
Disaster Management Manager Owen Becker during his presentation schooled the ward committee members on what processes to follow as well as safety measures.
“It is everybody’s role to make sure that everyone is safe, however, committee members are the ones woken up in the middle of the night to assist, that is why we have these workshops, so you can be better equipped.”
Members were taught ways on how to prevent disaster, key aspects of relief as well as damage as-sessment.