The Buffalo City Metro has concluded its visit to taverns and shebeens in the area of Scenery Park today.

The Metro visits were a follow up to weekend raids which were commanded by the South African Police Services, also targeting various areas in Buffalo City including Scenery Park.
The programme was led by the Metro leadership together with the Portfolio Committee of Parliament (Children, Youth & People with Disabilities). 
Speaking to Tarven Owners Deputy Executive Mayor Cllr Princess Faku said: "We are here to check if these taverns comply with Eastern Cape Liqour Board standards."

Faku also urged parents that were at these Tarvens not to send those kids to buy alcohol as that will encourage kids to drink and be part of the Tarven chaos."

She added that there should be signs outside these establishments that read "No Children under the age of 18 allowed" 
BCM Departments involved in the visits were the Fire Department, Disaster Management, Law Enforcement, Building, Planning and Environmental.
The visits were also conducted in conjunction with the Eastern Cape Liquor Board and the Department of Social Development with the aim of raising awareness, inspecting and monitoring compliance.
Eight taverns were visited and various compliance issues were picked up. All the taverns had a valid license trading certificate with only one not having a copy on the premises and this resulted in an onsite fine issued.

Other transgressions that were picked up were related to the non-validity of the fire extinguisher, unapproved structural arrangements, small and singular exit and entry points and non-compliance in the kitchens.

There was an alarming number of patrons in most of the establishments. As a way forward to some of these issues discovered, the Metro together with the Eastern Cape Liquor Board will be conducting a workshop for all its 100 councilors to ensure that they are aware of Bylaws and their responsibilities.
There will also be more awareness campaigns and joint operations to regularly check all 19 taverns in the area.

The aim of the visits were to:
- Inform and Educate parents, tavern owners and the community at large on roles, rules and responsibility.
- Enforcement of the by-laws on illegal tavern owners.
- Reduce supply and consumption of alcohol and drugs in the long-term.
Weekend operation statistics non-compliance is Scenery Park are as follows:
1: Stopped and searched and closed down one tavern at New life. 
2. Joes tavern owner was issued with a compliance notice at Scenery Park Police station for the following:
• Failing to display a valid registration certificate
• Ensure that the music is not audible beyond the boundary perimeter.
• Ensure that no person shall be allowed to consume liquor in and around the premises other than the demarcated areas.
• No drinking shall take place outside the registered premises.
• No serving of people sitting in their motor vehicles outside the premises.
3. Arrest: 01 suspect arrested for selling liquor without a license from the Eastern Cape 
Liquor board at 2016 Zibonele Squatter Camp Scenery Park. A case was opened and 
alcohol being sold illegally was confiscated. 
These were a 6 x Autumn Harvest; 12 x Paarl perle (2L); 7 X Old buck Dry Gin 750ml; 6 x Old buck Dry Gin 200ml; 11 x Heinekin beer 650ml; 2 x Reds dry; 5 x Old Brown Sedgwicks 750ml; 9 x  OldBrown Sedgwicks 200ml; 3 x Flying Fish Beer 660ml; 10 x reds dry 660ml; 4 x Black label beer 750ml; 3 x Labourie 750ml; 2 x Porustar 750ml; 7 x Paarle Perle (1L)