City discuss climate change issues
With climate change being one of the City’s challenges, The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) together with Buffalo City Metro and the GIZ South Africa hosted a Councillor’s and BCMM top management workshop to address issues related to climate change.

The workshop was held on Monday 27 May at the East London City Hall. Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years or sustained changes in the regional weather conditions over a long period. Speaking during the workshop, BCMM Executive Mayor Xola Pakati said, “The sole purpose of the workshop is to strategize about the effects of climate change and the better ways of managing them. “We believe that this workshop which is themed: From Climate Impact to Climate Resilience, is critically important as it will better integrate our climate change management and mitigation strategies with those of the National Government.” “{Climate Change management and adaptation in our city is part of our overall strategic vision, the Metro Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS),” said Pakati. “The MGDS implores us to take advantage of our natural endowment through building on Buffalo City’s comparative advantage as a green city,” he said. As part of the Metro's climate change strategy, in June the City will host a two-day Green Forum which will focus on the clean-up campaign, air pollution and the importance of preserving the environment.