Buffalo City in the Digital Age

The Buffalo City Municipality Citizen Engagement Application allows the Municipality to effectively connect, communicate with, and service citizens across all socio-economic strata by delivering mobile application services to every type of mobile phone (smart and non-smart) and all digital devices. The benefits of using direct channels of communication, particularly via mobile devices, for the Municipality is fourfold: 1 Optimised Communication and Active Citizenry; 2 Enhanced Service Deliver; 3 Operational Efficiencies and 4 Socio-Economic Development The benefits for the citizens are that they have a direct channel of communication with the Municipality; are able to interact with the municipality and have access anytime and anywhere – all at reduced costs in time and money. These are some of the features and functions you can expect when using the Buffalo City Metro Municipality Citizen Engagement Application: News Feed – News articles of interest published by the Municipality Notifications – Contextualised communications from the Municipality, based on your Profile, so you only receive Notifications of relevance Fault Logging & Tracking – You can log faults or queries directly from the App and you can immediately receive your reference number via the App Profile Management – Manage and update your own Profile information via the App and tailor the experiences around your own requirements Geo-Location & Mapping – Easily save your location by accessing your device’s GPS and represents geo-located points on a map Agent Chat – Live chat to a Citizen Support Agent Click to Call – A list of important contact numbers for the Municipality’s various divisions that can easily be dialled directly from the App Twitter Feed – In App access to the Municipality’s Twitter communications Feedback – Option to send any type of Feedback directly to the Municipality Share – Ability to virally Share the App with your friends and family We hope you enjoy using the Buffalo City Metro Municipality Citizen Engagement Application and look forward to receiving your Feedback.