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Members of the Media, You are hereby invited to attend and cover the Creative Arts Workshop. Kindly also find attached the media invitation and details related to this effect. The purpose of the workshop is to promote innovative problem-solving skills within the industry and increase entrepreneurial interest. The City aims to capacitate, develop and support local artists because of the rich talent within the Metro, to fight poverty, unemployment and boost the economy of the City and for the artists to be able to measure up with other international talents and put BCM on the map. During this session, Ecosystem of the creative industry sector, Arts, marketing communication and financial support will be covered. Venue: Guild Theatre Time: 09H00 Date: 11 September 2019 For more information contact Zintle Bixa o043 705 3561 Email: Zintleb@buffalocity.gov.za Issued by BCMM Communications Unit

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Date Posted: 2019-09-10