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The Municipality has noted with concern, that a number of runners and cyclists are not adhering to Covid19 lockdown level 4 regulations.

A large number of people who are participating in permitted recreational activities as set out in section 16 of the Level 4 lockdown regulations, are not complying section 5 which requires a person to cover their nose and mouth when in a public place.

The applicable sections are below for easy reference.

Movement of persons

16. (1) Every person is confined to his or her place of residence.

(2) A person may only leave their place of residence to:

(f) walk, run or cycle between the hours of 06H00 to 09H00, within a five kilometre radius of their place of residence: Provided that this is not done in organised groups.

This must be read in conjunction with, General measures to contain the spread of COVID -19:

5. (1) A person must wear a cloth face mask or a homemade item that covers the nose and mouth when in a public place, or another appropriate item to cover the nose and mouth.

The City would like to remind residents at large that it is an illegal offense to go out in public without a mask.

It is an offensive that can lead to an arrest to leave your residence if you do not strictly comply with the regulations.

Runners and cyclists are also warned not to leave their residence areas to go exercise at the beachfront.

Issued by the BCM Communications


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Date Posted: 2020-05-10