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Buffalo City Metro calls on businesses to NOT compromise on Covid-19 Disaster Management Act regulations

The Buffalo City Metro is calling upon businesses to adhere to the strict social distancing regulations as guided by the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 and Regulation 398 of 25 March 2020.

This follows several complaints in the Municipality recently, where businesses were reported to be compromising on social distancing and hygiene practices.

A team consisting of the Municipality’s Disaster Management, Municipal Health Services, Fire Services, Traffic and Law Enforcement and the South African Police is tasked with enforcing non adherence to the Disaster Management Act.

The Municipality had to close down the Mdantsane City Mall on Friday (14h15) after receiving complaints of overcrowding. After meeting with the Mall Management yesterday (27/4/20), the Municipality was reasonably satisfied with the safety action plan presented and the Mall was reopened. The plan includes outlining controls for entrances and exit gates; posting enough security personnel, allowing a limited number of customers and demarcating seating areas. Visit the Municipality’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BuffaloCityMetro/ for detailed findings and solutions.

The Municipality has also visited several other stores in and around the East London and Mdantsane areas to monitor and enforce regulations.

The Municipality also notes the concerns reported on social media of overcrowding around King Williams Town shops and is calling on all businesses in the City to put in place action plans to manage on crowd control measures and enforce social distancing.

We also urge members of the public to meet government and businesses halfway by cooperating, wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Furthermore, the City is calling on businesses that will be permitted to operate when the easing of lockdown restrictions are applicable to study and follow the regulations carefully and adhere accordingly, as announced by national government.

Issued by the BCM Communications.

For more information, kindly contact the BCM Spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya 073 557 4707.

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Date Posted: 2020-05-10