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In its weekly briefing, the Municipality’s Covid-19 Command Centre updated last Friday that the Municipality had 45 deaths. This week the number is seating at 61.
The Municipality reiterates its call to all people living or visiting Buffalo City to exercise extra caution as this is a Corona virus highly infected area.
Umasipala uyaligxinisisa kwakhona ikhwelo lokuba wonke umhlali naye nabani na ondwendwela lo mmandla ahlale elumkile kuba lena yindawo egcwele intsholongwane ye-Corona.
The Municipality commends the screening and testing activities conducted by the Department of Health as statistics reveal a huge jump from the tests conducted since last week.
AS AT 04 JUNE 2020, the BCM Covid-19 Command Council updated that in Buffalo City there were 1 412 Confirmed Cases; 735 Recoveries and 13 Deaths.
AS AT 18 JUNE 2020, the BCM Covid-19 Command Centre updates that in Buffalo City there are 3 033 Confirmed cases, 1 688 Recoveries, 1 300 Active Cases and 45 deaths.
AS AT 25 JUNE 2020, the BCM Covid-19 Command Centre updates that in Buffalo City there are 4 856 Confirmed cases, 2 696 Recoveries, 2 099 Active Cases and the death toll is 61.
To date, the mass screening and testing teams have screened approximately 172 349, which is a vast jump from the 147, 578 individuals that was reported last week. 
Up to 38 032 tests have been conducted, which is another significant jump from the 31, 339 that was reported last week.
This is also reinforced by the data received from the contact tracing teams, who are highly active around the number of cases tracked and the number of contacts traced.
In terms of the geographical spread, most deaths are reported to be from the King Williams Town area followed by the East London and Mdantsane.
In terms of the distribution of cases based on age categories, special care must be exercised by the ages between 50-59 years and above, as this group is more at risk.
The Buffalo City Metro cleaning operations are being intensified as part of efforts to ensure that as a Coronavirus hotspot area, the City promotes a clean and safe environment through various waste management activities. 
The City is hard at work cleaning its public convenience facilities, clearing illegal dumps, distributing black refuse bags and collecting refuse. The weekly Blitz and Fix with Good Green Deeds campaign is also continuing.
The Municipality is also distributing gloves, masks, refuse bags, sanitizers and soaps to communities.
The Municipality has distributed gloves, masks, sanitizers and soaps to the Fynboss phases 1 and 2 evictees. Soaps have also been distributed to all informal settlements in ward 1 and ward 2.
We are busy distributing soaps in wards 6, 8, 16, 34, 41, 42 and 44. Our aim is to complete all BCM wards before the end of July 2020.
The Municipality’s Covid-19 Command Centre also received stat

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Date Posted: 2020-06-29